Case Study:

SERVIR Cloud Migration

  • Cloud migration increased security posture over legacy datacenter
  • Secure cloud access by over 94 institutions in 40 partner countries
SERVIR Cloud Migration screenshot 1
Great job getting this in place. Congratulations to you all!" — NASA's SERVIR Project Manager

SERVIR is a joint venture between NASA and the U.S. Agency for International Development, provides state-of-the-art, satellite-based Earth monitoring data, geospatial information and tools to help improve environmental decision-making among developing nations. The SERVIR team wanted to move their web application servers into the NASA managed cloud environment (MCE), to gain cost and operational advantages.


V! Studios migrated the SERVIR application and data into the Amazon Web Services cloud. During this migration V! Studios successfully transitioned many of the SERVIR datasets into Amazon S3 storage, providing the end-user community with improved access to the data at much lower costs for the SERVIR team.


As the primary technical resource for the SERVIR cloud migration, V! Studios was tasked with and succeeded in:

  • Migrating the primary ASP.NET CMS, PostgreSQL database and custom Linux dataset processing applications from the legacy hosting datacenter to AWS.
  • Conducting multiple design reviews, hardening controls to improve security posture, working closely with NASA's governance organizations and security contractors.
  • Writing system documentation detailing how the applications were provisioned in the cloud environment.
  • Transitioning operations and maintenance (O&M) of cloud infrastructures away from the hosting datacenter to the prime contractor.

As a result of V! Studios' efforts, the SERVIR team was able to transition to the cloud environment with significantly improved performance and security, and realize substantial cost savings.